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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  March 24, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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and here in kansas city, as people get ready for their monday morning commute, the snow is everywhere. kansas city, missouri. socked in and shut down in massive piles of snow. driving around town, wrapped up in white, it seems winter will never stop coming back for more. eight inches of snow so far. and it is dangerous. and this is where drivers have to be really careful because cars have had a really tough time just getting down these icy hills. the storm hammering this area since early this morning. and we're in the thick of it right now. as you can see, lots of snow here. this is now the third, major snowstorm to hit kansas city. these dangerous conditions, now moving east, after hundreds of miles of highway were shut down, from denver to kansas. more than 19 inches of snow falling in parts of colorado over the weekend. shut down this interstate near denver. burning tanker trucks and causing a 50-car pileup. incredibly, no one was seriously hurt. that same system is bringing severe weather to the south.
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winds in atlanta blowing this tree into an apartment building. luckily, the building was empty. >> i heard a cracking noise. and it came tumbling down like the london bridge. >> reporter: in florida, 50-mile-per-hour winds and blinding rain forced organizers at the arnold palmer invitational, where tiger woods was in the lead, to suspend the golf tournament for the rest of today. and the menacing storm has not finished its work yet. it will now head over to the east coast. david? >> gio benitez with us tonight. that does not look like spring behind gio. ginger tracking this since this morning's "gma." where is this? where will it be for the morning commute? >> tonight is going to be illinois, indiana and ohio. it's already started in virginia. and tomorrow morning, big cities like d.c., to new york city, going to deal with a rain/snow mix or about one to three inches of snow. >> what kind of snow are we talking about? >> one to three inches on the coast. look at the deep purple areas. those are the spots where it's not normal to get this much snow. indianapolis is included in that
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9-inch to 12-inch range. the mountains of west virginia. but later morning and early afternoon, new york to connecticut gets the wet rain/snow mix. >> we love having you. just come back when spring arrives. ginger zee, thank you. we move on to the new developments in the deadly case in colorado where the state's prison chief was laid to rest today. this sevening, investigators want to know, was it a prison gang behind the murder? and could they be planning new targets now? here's abc's reena ninan. >> reporter: the motive for the murder of colorado prison chief mike clements may have been revenge for breaking up a prison gang. clements, concerned about the rise of a white supremacist group, 211 crew, sent its leaders to another prison, trying to diminish their powerbase. suspected gunman, 28-year-old evan ebel, just paroled in january, was a member of 211 crew. law enforcement have yet to publicly confirm the connection. the fear tonight -- the
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potential for more attacks from other gang members. abc news has learned the colorado state prisons have been put on a modified lockdown, as a security precaution until at least monday. the governor's mansion and state capitol have expanded security, following the murder. prison gangs are prolific across america. the american correctional association reports almost 14% of the prison population are involved in gangs. an estimated 200,000 inmates. investigators believe ebel may be linked to other murders. >> there's physical evidence in that car we want to try to recover and then compare to see whether or not we are on track at the crime scenes in colorado. >> reporter: a law enforcement source says they are not convinced that evan ebel acted alone, they are looking into whether he had an accomplice. a public memorial is scheduled
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tomorrow for clement. david? >> reena ninan in washington tonight. thank you. in our nation's capital, the line is already growing outside the supreme court, as the justices prepare to take up the issue of gay marriage. it will hear testimony on two laws this week, including california's proposition 8, which bans gay marriage, defining marriage as only between a man and a woman. it comes just days after former secretary of state hillary clinton released this new video, supporting gay marriage. and tonight, a well-known architect of republican strategy is making news after weighing in on the issue right here on abc's "this week." i want to bring in rick klein with us. you saw this, too. here's the straightforward answer from karl rove when george asked him this morning. >> karl rove, can you imagine the next republican candidate saying flatout, i'm for gay marriage? >> i could. >> he quickly moved on to another issue right after that. but, rick, rove's team knew this was making headlines. and they reached out to you before we came on the air tonight? >> that's correct. an important distinction that
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karl rove wants me to make. he sent me an e-mail, while he could see a republican candidate supporting gay marriage, that's not necessarily saying the nominee will do so. but here's the thing. the politics around gay marriage are changing and changing fast. it's been less than a year since president obama himself dropped his opposition to gay marriage in that interview with our colleague, robin roberts. and now, even some prominent republicans are settling on the same position. >> and, rick, you study these political poll lines. what is the trending telling us right now? >> it is moving so fast. in 2004, during george w. bush's re-election, we asked in a poll if gay marriage should be legal. and only 32% said yes. this month, that number is up to 58%. that's a tectonic shift. >> rick klein, with the bigger picture, as always. rick, thank you. we turn overseas to the vatican, where pope francis celebrated his first palm sunday mass, to begin the holy week leading up to easter. from the steps of st. peter's, he urged the crowd of worshippers to be humble and young at heart. he toured the square in his popemobile, open to the crowd, despite the concern of his security detail. kissing babies and shaking hands there.
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in rome tomorrow, everyone watching something else. italy's high court will once again determine the fate of amanda knox. the american college student who was convicted and then acquitted of murdering her roommate. the prosecutors who held her behind bars there for four years are arguing she should be returned to jail. here's abc's nick schifrin tonight. >> my family is really the most important thing right now. and i just want to go and be with them. >> reporter: amanda knox waited four years for that homecoming. but tonight, she's anxious that italy's supreme court could put her freedom in jeopardy. >> the fact that she spent three or four years in an italian prison and this murder charge continues to hang over her head. there is no peace of mind. >> i couldn't understand why they were so sure i was the one who knew everything. >> reporter: in 2007, knox and her italian boyfriend, raffaele sollecito, were convicted of murdering their roommate, meredith kercher.
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they languished in prison for years. the world watched the dramatic moment they were released. >> both defendants have been acquitted. >> reporter: but now, prosecutors want to reinstate the murder conviction. tonight, kercher's family tells the italian media that there's still unanswered questions. we are searching for the truth. but knox's family, who won't be in court tomorrow, hopes this hearing clears her name forever. they call it another example of harassment by the prosecution. >> if she wins on monday, case closed. it's over. and she can go forward without any further worry. >> reporter: but if she loses, knox and sollecito's case goes back to court. and their legal saga goes on. knox has spent the last year writing her memoir. she will talk about it in an exclusive interview with diane sawyer next month. knox says she wants to make writing a career. that could all depend on what the judges in rome decide tomorrow. david? >> all of us are awaiting that big interview with diane in just weeks. nick schifrin, thank you. back here at home tonight
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and to that massive powerball jackpot and the one winning ticket. the holder of that ticket is a mystery tonight. but the size of the payout is now very clear. what is also clear is how much that winner will pay in taxes with the higher rates for the rich. here's abc's rob nelson tonight. >> 31. >> reporter: one numbers game now leads to another. the lucky soul who bought the winning ticket in new jersey beat the extraordinary odds of 175 million to 1. the winner can either take a lump sum payment of $211 million. or take the full $338 million over the next three decades. most winners, of course, go for the instant gratification. and this year it comes with a heftier tax bill. in fact. >> $11 million more to uncle sam, this year compared to last year. all thanks to this year's tax hike. the winner's name and hometown could be released as early as tomorrow. >> and i was thinking, is that the right numbers?
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is that the right numbers? and i was shaking. >> reporter: mark and cindy hill are now using their $136 million in winnings from last year to build a new ball field and firestation in their missouri hometown. others dream of things slightly more self-indulgent. >> a beach house. >> a mansion down in asbury park. >> custom hot rods. >> i would get a car where only i could fit in it. not my kids. >> reporter: in fact, with $211 million, you can afford 105 personal submarines, 24 private caribbean islands. and even 17 vintage ferrari testa rossas. let's focus on the one number that everybody, more than 80 million of us, are really focused on today. zero. david, back to you. >> there's always next time. rob nelson, thanks. now, someone else on the verge of winning big. he's been there before but it's been some time for tiger woods. what's behind the comeback?
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here's abc's john schriffen tonight. >> reporter: tiger woods is on the prowl. because of the fierce weather in florida, we won't find out until tomorrow if he can reclaim his spot atop the golf world. up until today's weather delay at the arnold palmer invitational in orlando, tiger was back at it, pulling off almost impossible shots and reminding us why he's one of the best golfers ever. >> tiger woods. >> reporter: but it's been a long climb back since his 2009 cheating scandal off the course ruined his marriage. >> tiger did fall pretty far. for him to be coming back to the point where, if he wins this week, he could become number one in the world again, that's big deal to tiger woods. >> reporter: during the height of the scandal, woods admitted he had a tough time focusing with everything going on in his life. his solution? get back out here on the golf course. practice even harder. and now, it looks like he might
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have a good luck charm in his corner. the new woman in his life is 28-year-old olympic skier and celeb lindsey vonn. the couple made is official monday by posting that they're dating on their facebook pages. vonn is going through a comeback of her own after suffering a serious injury during this crash in austria back in february. >> if tiger can learn a little bit from her and that toughness that he needs because he hasn't been doing well in majors. then, well, maybe lindsey vonn will help put him over the edge. >> reporter: the world will find out tomorrow if tiger is again number one and ready to go after the masters next and even greater glory. john schriffen, abc news, los angeles. >> that delay today. but so close. there's more much ahead on "world news" this sunday night. the shark attack caught on camera. the newlyweds on their honeymoon. the great white that breaks into the cage. tonight, big questions about tactics used to draw the sharks in for tourists. and later, you know the tune -- ♪ hey, i just met you and this is crazy ♪
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that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ stay in the groove with align. i you're suffering from constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. for faster relief, try dulcolac laxative tablets. dulcolac provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. there is new fallout tonight after the very close call. the newlyweds on their honeymoon, the new husband in a shark cage when a shark breaks
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right through part of it. tonight, questions about the bait used to lure in the sharks for tourists. but are they begging for trouble? abc's tanya rivero tonight. >> reporter: it's a booming tourist industry. cage diving promises you'll experience a great white up close and personal. >> whoa. >> reporter: tonight, we hear from the man who witnessed that terrifying moment, the shark getting inside the cage. >> are you okay? >> reporter: those onboard panicked, not knowing the fate of the diver, a newlywed on his honeymoon. brian plumber shot the video. >> we see some red gets kicked up in the water. my heart definitely stopped. i think it's easy to assume the worst. >> reporter: the quick-thinking newlywed had ducked and was unharmed. our own nick watt reporting on shark cages, suddenly, too close for comfort. but is this safe? >> the cage is sturdy. cage diving in and of itself isn't dangerous. but you want to make sure you're down there with a reputable organization.
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>> reporter: tonight, with this newest case, new questions. critics argue luring sharks with bait increases the risk of attack. but others say it can teach us to appreciate the crucial role sharks play in our ecosystem. >> i think people are very interested in connecting with animals. they're interested in seeing them upclose. that's why whale-watching trips and shark dives like this are so popular. people are interested in nature. and that's a good thing. >> reporter: the south african danger diving company says their cage is the industry standard. they have never seen this in their history, david. they will be narrowing the viewing gap between the bars. when we come back, medicine on the cutting edge. a tiny chip that might work wonders. the little device that senses a heart attack coming and sends an alert to your phone. [ coughs ] [ angry gibberish ]
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swinton from her role in "michael clayton" opposite george clooney. tonight, her new starring role in a glass box at new york's museum of modern art. she is sleeping in that box as long as the museum is open. she's been on display in other museums before. but never here in the u.s. and finally in "the index" tonight. big on broadway. "the book of mormon" setting a record overseas. the highest one-day box office earnings in london theater history. and selling more than $3 million in tickets. when we come back on the broadcast, the most famous singers that can't even get their own songs out of their heads. neil diamond. tonight, the new science here, how to get the catchy tunes out of your head. right after the break. and i need to run off to the bathroom. ♪ i'm fed up with always having to put my bladder's needs ahead of my daughter. ♪
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and finally tonight here, the songs that get stuck in our head, hours after we heard them. still playing up here. so, could the new science, tonight, about getting the songs out of our head really work? abc's linzie janis, tonight, with a study that's music to our ears. ♪ call me maybe and all the other boys ♪ ♪ that try to chase me but here's my number ♪ ♪ so, call me maybe >> reporter: "call me maybe," maybe one of the catchiest songs ever recorded. once you get it into your head, you can't get it out. even justin bieber was hooked, inviting carly rae jepsen on stage. and she told "world news." >> i looked at the audience. and they were singing it. i was like, okay. that's insane. >> reporter: researchers have long known there is a science to how a melody can get stuck in our heads. a phenomenon known as an
5:55 pm
earworm. even mark twain once writing about an annoying jingling rhyme he couldn't shake. the formula, simple lyrics in short intervals. and sweet success. ♪ sweet caroline >> reporter: even neil diamond once saying he couldn't get his own song out of his head. taking cold showers and listening to other people's music. nothing worked, he said. tonight, researchers say they have the cure. you have to literally get your mind off it. challenge your brain with an activity. but not just any activity. walking or running won't do it. they say try solving a puzzle or diving into a novel. just don't take it out on the singer. remember this? ♪ mmmbop >> reporter: we couldn't escape it. and "snl" went after them. >> did you write the song "mmmbop"? >> reporter: sometimes, it's just not that easy, as we quickly found out on the street, when we played just one line.
5:56 pm
it all came back. ♪ i just met you and this is crazy ♪ >> reporter: add it to the long list, tonight, of songs we're still trying to get out of our heads. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> you can blame us for putting that in your head tonight. that's part of your world this evening. "good morning america" first thing in the morning. diane, right here tomorrow night. have a good evening. good night. am next at 6:00, the latest on developing news. the search for a young man who disappeared off half moon bay.
5:57 pm
>> route teen maintenance led to a safety scare in the south bay. the special delivery made today by postal workers in san francisco. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> ama: we begin with developing news. the game of football on the beach turns into a major search operation when a young man suddenly disappears. the rescue effort is going on right now at roosevelt beach in half moon bay. crews are searching by sea and air, and lillian kim is near the scene. what's the latest? reporter: search crews are focusing their efforts six miles south of here, along the weefortz roosevelt beach, where a 22-year-old man, whose friends fife identify as javier lopez, was playing soccer with a friend. then he decided to go for a swim and his friends say he disappeared. crews with the cal fire, the
5:58 pm
sheriff's department and the thormaster have been trying to find him. serve conditions are relatively calm but the water is cold. crews are conducting a grid search in hopes of finding lopez. >> they're dropped a data buoy in from where the last location was to see which way the surf conditions are going. >> he going, when i start looking for him. >> gone? >> yeah. reporter: friends say lopez works at restaurant here in half moon bay. his boss and coworkers came to the beach when they got the word.
5:59 pm
>> ama: another developing story. this one out of milpitas. people are now returning to their homes after a gas leak forced evacuation of dozens of people. pg&e says a worker doing routine maintenance broke a involve on a service line this afternoon. you can see police evacuating residents. it happened in the area of has send avenue and victoria drive. there are no reports of injuries. >> we're learning more about the 19-year-old marine from oakley who has shot and killed last week. lance corporal sara castromata was on the honor roll in her school. she was murdered last thursday along with another marine. military officials say you sendow lopez was


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